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BlueInk Review - September 2020

Author and Toronto-based software consultant, Araz Jahani, fell in love with Cuba on a first visit.

Not only did he discover bright, warm Caribbean seas and sun contrasting to the gray of his
native Canada, but he also found a joy-filled, live-in-the-moment society that opened his eyes to living for community versus one’s job.

Jahani returned to Cuba many times, learning Spanish
and delving more deeply into the culture. In six thematic chapters, his book recounts his deep
appreciation for the country’s culture and people, aiming to move past stereotypical tourist

Dainier M. - March 2021

 Incredibly accurate and interesting take on the Cuban society and culture:

This book is very good for those that are looking to learn more about the island that is apparently stuck in time

Ramin Ojani - Feb 2021

 A comprehensive description of Cuba and Cubans way of living beyond the resorts:

I have always been fascinated by Cuba, but as an American, I’ve never been able to travel there yet. This book has opened my eyes to Cuba as a nation and has given me an insight about Cubans that I would not have been able to get as someone who hasn’t traveled there yet. I liked the author’s comprehensive approach in describing Cuban’s lives beyond the resorts that most tourists get to see. The potential business opportunities and the artistic nature of what Cuba and Cubans have to offer to the outside world were very appealing to me. I think everyone interested in this country should read this book before traveling there. Can't wait to get out there soon.

Ali - April 2021

An amazing book to read for anyone that doesn't know the Real Cuba

A well-researched book that went in-depth in giving the reader knowledge and different perception about the country of Cuba; history, people, economy, politics, and culture. This book from the author's perspective made me realize how little I knew about Cuba. A lot to explore the next time I go and visit.

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